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woman - Tetiana Lopashchuk, smiling portrait on black and white photo

Tetiana Lopashuk

Tetiana is an expert in German-Ukrainian civil society cooperation and Ukrainian civil society development focusing on regions and municipalities.

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Tetiana completed a master's degree in socio-cultural studies at the European University Viadrina (Frankfurt/Oder). She was a board member of the umbrella organization of Ukrainian organizations in Germany (2012-14) and co-founder of the Euromaidan Wache in Berlin (2013). In 2014, Tetiana returned to Ukraine as a Returning Expert and Participant of the Programme „Migration for Development“, Center for International Migration and Development (CIM/GIZ).

From May 2014 to April 2023, Tetiana was a Project Lead of the Kyiv Dialogue, a German-Ukrainian civil society platform, working for the International Renaissance Foundation, one of the largest Ukrainian charitable foundations. As a Project Lead in Ukraine, she was responsible for the launch and further development of regional project offices in up to 15 Ukrainian regions as well as for the launch of the alumni community.

After the russian full-scale invasion in 2022, Tetiana moved back to Berlin. In August 2023 she joined the German-Ukrainian Bureau and is currently a Lead of the “Local Resilience & Recovery: Capacities of Ukrainian Civil Society in the Chernihiv Region” project, supported by Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (bpb).


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