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providing analyses, building bridges and opening doors

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About us

The German-Ukrainian Bureau is an expert company focused on research and strategic advisory to enhance German-Ukrainian relations at business, civil society, and the state levels. 

Since the full-scale Russian invasion, the German-Ukrainian relations have reached a new intensity. Nevertheless, a better understanding and analysis of each other is necessary to realize the full potential of the partnership. We firmly believe that investing in Ukraine, its people, society, and economy now, during the war, and after the victory offers lucrative opportunities for expanding partnerships with a country on track to join the European Union.

Our team deeply understands the factors influencing German and European relations with Ukraine.

The Bureau and its founding experts have long experience working with governments, donors, non-profits, media, and businesses.

Our values are the cross-cutting element of our business:


Passion for German-Ukrainian relations: every action we take contributes to advancing bilateral relations.


Professionality: we provide high-quality services.


High integrity: we do believe in democracy, the rule of law, and human rights. We adhere to all rules and regulations. We select customers, partners, and team members according to our mission and values.


Respect: we respect each other and all stakeholders. We keep our promises. We are honest. We do not discriminate


Openness: to new ideas and other opinions. We practice constructive dialogue. We are family and pet-friendly.

Meet Bureau’s Core Team

Man - Mattia Nelles, smiling portrait on black and white photo

Co-founder & Executive Director

Mattia Nelles

Mattia Nelles is a political analyst, leader, and intellectual inspirer of the Bureau's team.

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woman - Inna Nelles, smiling portrait on black and white photo


Inna Nelles

Inna Nelles is a specialist in strategic communication, advocacy, and an experienced leader of the Ukrainian civil society initiatives.

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woman - Tetiana Lopashchuk, smiling portrait on black and white photo

Project Lead

Tetiana Lopashchuk

Tetiana Lopashchuk is an expert in the field of German-Ukrainian civil society cooperation and Ukrainian civil society development with a focus on regions and the local levels.

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Our key services

The Bureau has competence in analysis, advocacy, strategy development, stakeholder engagement, and communications. We provide the full cycle of services from problem analysis to project implementation tailored to the needs of our partners and clients.


Political Risk Assessment

Stakeholder Engagement

Communication & Media Relations

Project Implementation in Ukraine and the EU

Conference and Event Management

Selected Portfolio

Among our clients are governmental institutions, NGOs and businesses. 

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) Ukraine.

Providing consultancy services on civil society engagement.

German Federal Agency for Civic Education (BpB).

Project on stakeholder mapping and concept for capacity building for grassroots civil society organizations in the Chernihiv region.


Мision, concept, and implementation of the 5th and 6th Civil Society Conference “Dialogue for Future” with over 150 participants and high-level speakers from the Eastern Partnership countries.

International Center for the Ukrainian Victory.

Strategic consultation and advocacy support in Germany.

Business for Ukraine.

As a coalition member we provide communication and advocacy support, aim to defund the Russian war efforts, advocate for tougher sanctions, and the exit of Western businesses from Russia.

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We believe that the future of German-Ukrainian relations depends on:

a Ukrainian victory and a just peace

Ukraine’s accession to the EU and NATO

a comprehensive, green and inclusive recovery

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Deutsch-Ukrainisches Büro (DUB) GmbH

Executive Director (Geschäftsführer) - Mattia Nelles 

Volmerswerther Str. 41

40221 Düsseldorf (Germany)

​​Handelsregister B 100343

Steuernummer 106/5798/3200

Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer: DE360122722

0152 281 794 64​​

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